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Imitation jewelry Vs Real jewelry

Imitation jewelry Vs Real jewelry

Jewelry plays a major role in a woman’s life when it coming to looking classy, elegant and attractive for an event. Jewelry reflects who a woman is and how she is able to achieve her goals in her life, love and career. A simple piece can make you look dazzling and minimalistically beautiful.

However, somehow it becomes difficult to differentiate between real, imitation and artificial jewelry and what to wear to which occasion. This article will help you clear that confusion.

The main difference between imitation jewelry and artificial jewelry is that imitation jewelry is a replica of original gold jewelry and artificial jewelry is fake jewelry.

Even though similar by word, imitation and artificial jewelry have a big difference between them. Imitation jewelry is the replica of real jewelry and is much better in quality. Artificial jewelry however, is a fake, low-quality copy of real jewelry. In imitation jewellery copy of precious stones are mostly used. In artificial jewellery, mirror beads, crystal beads, etc. are used instead of diamonds.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to take out those expensive jewels from the safe and risk wearing them out a lot. Here’s where imitation jewelry comes into picture. Imitation jewelry is as authentic as real jewelry and we feel more secure taking it out of the house.


What is the better choice? Real Jewelry or Imitation jewelry

Both jewelry types are precious and significant in their own way. The sparkling ornaments are not meant to intensify the outer beauty of the wearer but their purpose is to bring out the inner glow.

Number #1:

The main reason for modern women to run towards imitation jewelry sets and accessories is that they are highly inexpensive and budget-friendly compared to real ornaments. Highly skilled artisans have brought imitation jewelry which looks exactly like real ornaments and are extremely low priced as compared to these luxurious jewelry pieces.

Many modern and smart women choose to purchase imitation jewelry sets for occasions to stay trendy and fashionable, all at a reasonable cost.

With real jewelry, we are always concerned about its quality and really worth so that we don’t get into any scam.

Number #2:

Here’s a scenario: What’s better to wear? A single pair of gold earring for years to come or a bunch of different fashionable and unique earrings for your occasions? Personally, I would choose the latter.

The versatile range and massive options make imitation designed jewelry the most optimal choice for modern women to give their best shot at any point in time. I mean, how often will you wear those same old gold bangles to every event? It’s time to stay ahead of the times.

Number #3:

With today’s modern technology, you can hardly tell the difference between real and imitation ornaments with the naked eye. Do you think that you really need to pay a room full of the amount then just to have a pair of earrings and necklace? Well, the choice is totally yours.


In Conclusion, With the fast-moving times, rather than spending a bomb on really expensive jewelry, it is advisable to invest in a bunch of imitation jewelry sets that have you sorted for a long time. Spending on good quality jewels is never a bad idea which is why we here at Studio6 Jewels, keep in mind your needs while crafting our products. When it comes to Imitation Jewelry, you need not ever compromise on the quality!

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