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How to choose jewellery as per your event looks

Choosing jewellery pieces for your look as per your outfit.

A beautiful statement piece of jewellery goes a long way but it doesn’t seem to match your outfit? Or your favourite designer lehenga doesn’t have the right neck piece to match it?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We at Studio6 Jewels value our customers and cater to your requirements for whichever occasion it might be!

In this article we will guide you through few simple tips and tricks that will help you enhance your outfit with your jewellery and bedazzle everyone with you look.

  1. The classics

Whether it be a pair of earrings, or a simple studded bracelet or a delicate necklace; some jewellery pieces are always considered as basic and classic as you can pair them with anything. A basic and classy necklace will not only add definition to you outfit but also uplift your look in a very subtle way. A 70% basics and 30% trendy wardrobe is the recommended amount by almost all fashion experts.


  1. Make a statement

The best way to grab the attention of a crowd is to make a bold statement. Similarly, the easiest way to glam up a simple outfit is to wear a statement piece of jewellery. A bold necklace that screams confidence over a simple dress or a top, or a pair of earrings contrasting to your monochrome outfit are some ways to dress boldly, without making too much effort.


  1. Don’t clash

Nobody likes a crowd that is conflicting; so why bring it onto your look? The biggest mistake that people make is wearing 2 to 3 statement pieces all at once, making them look very over-the-top. One must gain attention organically and not seem to be seeking it. Try to pair a simple necklace or go bare on the neck, complemented with heavy earrings. This draws attention to your face and makes you seem more approachable. Whereas, while wearing a low neckline, try wearing a bold or attractive neck piece, paired with small, elegant earrings to seem dressy and fashionable.


  1. Color, color which color?

Colors can be very confusing when trying to match jewellery with your apparel. Despite the dilemma, you can take two simple routes out of the mess. One- go monochrome and match the jewellery to your outfit. This way, you will seem sorted and elegant all whilst looking classy. Two- wear jewellery contrasting to your outfit. A bold choice which will make you appear confident and radiant, all while making you stand out from the crowd!


  1. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend.

Despite all the dilemma and confusion, you still can’t seem to match anything to your outfit and want a quick and easy fix, going ahead with a diamond studded set of earrings, necklace, bracelet or even a ring is always the go-to for every woman as one can’t simply go wrong with a set of these bedazzling jewels.

Jewellery is something that adds on to your personality and brings flavour to your look. It brings about spice and glamor to your appearance which allows you to be a confident and radiant version of yourself. Pair it with the right outfit and no one will be able to take their eyes off you for the entire evening!

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