Our Story

Where it all began

Maa had exquisite taste in jewellery. When we moved homes, her gorgeous collection of jewellery travelled with us everywhere. Probably, that is where my sister and I began our fascination with jewels.

As I grew up, my taste evolved. Maa and I had phenomenally different tastes, just like my daughters and I do now. This common love for jewellery created a ferocious bond among all of us women in the family. This adoration for jewellery ties us together in sisterhood. We carry with us, this taste, this eye for exquisite pieces, a fondness for impeccable quality and a love for stories that jewellery pieces tell. We carry jewellery secrets with us, passed down from generations of incredible women in our family.

And that’s what we bring you here at Studio6 Jewels. Moments of love and celebration that you can share with your tribe of women, over much-loved pieces of heirloom jewels.

We bring you modern heirlooms in the form of our carefully curated pieces that you’ll wish to share across generations, with love. So when tomorrow someone compliments your little niece on a bracelet that you gifted her, she has a beautiful story to tell. A story about you and the heirloom bracelet from us, Studio6 Jewels.

We wish that you go on and create beautiful memories with your loved ones, over our modern heirlooms.

With love,
Parul Khanna


Parul Khanna is an entrepreneur who dons many hats. She started out her career as an interior designer, where she furthered her passion for design and décor. Over time, she moved on to become a jewellery curator. With her exquisite taste, an eye for detail and a keen love for jewellery that runs in her genes, jewellery curation was an instinctive choice for Parul. This love for jewels spills over in her everyday jewellery consultations as well. Her vibrant, vivacious, high spirited personality defines Studio6 Jewels. She brings just as much enthusiasm to every conversation as her lovely curated jewellery pieces do. Studio6 Jewels is a natural extension of Parul's exuberant personality. Studio6 Jewels is her way of celebrating beauty and life, no matter what.